darling when the ice caps melt
She said:

They call me Dionne, or Sawa.

I’m from Singapore but I study in Melbourne, Australia. Double majoring in Psychology, and Professional and Creative Writing.

I love writing and reading and all the video games (not that I blog about it much, but if you met me in real life…), and my hero’s Chuck Palahniuk. He inspires me to write like whoa. I love music too, though I generally listen to indie rock or indie folk. Lyrics mean a lot to me. Words always mean a lot to me. One day I’ll become an editor, while trying to write my books.

I really love animals.

I should probably mention that my fandoms include: Merlin, Avengers (both comic and movie verse), Good Omens, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Inception, Dexter, Sherlock, Adventure Time, The Boondock Saints, but that’s all I remember for now.

Oh, and my ships: Frostiron, Merthur, Crowley/Aziraphale, Crowstiel, Tenth/Rose, Eames/Arthur, Sebastian/Jim, MacManus twins, 00Q, annnd etc.

Might just make a page for my tags one day.

Also: I seriously love animals.