darling when the ice caps melt
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so now you know

Okay, so I usually don’t say stuff like, “If you don’t like X, you’re wrong”, because everybody has different tastes and that’s okay! But if you don’t love Donna, I don’t even understand you



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Merlin AU in the 20/30’s 

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Time is making fools of us again.

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Endless List Of Amazing People ★ Jack Antonoff

I think that everyone at any age should ask themselves, “where do I want to be today, where do I want to be tomorrow, and where do I want to be in a hundred years?” We all have clear answers to those questions. We only have so much time. It’s a real shame if we don’t spend our lives trying to do that. Within the context of your own life, do everything you can to follow whatever dream it is that you have.”

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“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” Commentary by Gary Oldman

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the abc’s of james mcavoy  → mcfassy (michael fassbender + james mcavoy)

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I love him. I love him. I love him. 

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i like to think the teams really care for each other and see each other as brothers

thanks to my friend charlie for the help on the text!

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